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Centerprising offers a portfolio of online journeys designed as your tool box for achieving multi-generational family wealth creation success. Each journey is six-weeks long. We provide bite size, guided, practical learning that leads to developing concrete action plans as the final output. Participants can spend from one to several hours a week to absorb the material and develop your action plan. Journeys are designed for participants to engage with disruptive trends, invest in Rising Generation wealth creators, and win the future of wealth creation.

The Journey Experience:

  • Journeys start with an hour-long 1-on-1 meeting where a Centerprising expert helps you articulate your problems

  • Weekly materials are provided to introduce frameworks and relevant cases that demonstrate application
  • Step-by-Step Worksheets focused on weekly themes help you design your action plan with guidance from a Centerprising expert
  •  Weekly 1-hour video dialogues among participants facilitate discussion and reflection of insights
  • Final hour-long 1-on-1 meeting with Centerprising expert to assemble your action plan

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Some Wealth Creation or family enterprise challenges require understanding of the unique contexts and issues. Centerprising experts offer consultation sessions to business families globally.

Practice Areas

  • Family Wealth Creation
  • Innovation/Entrepreneurship
  • Rising Generation Development
  • Family Office
  • Governance Designs
  • Ownership Structures

How it works

Centerprising curates experienced world-class experts in the key pillars of family wealth creation who can advise you through private consultation. Send us a description of your situation, and we will recommend experts and other resources to guide you.

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We are wealth creation innovators who believe deeply in the longevity DNA of business families and the creative powers of Rising Talent. We incubate Rising Wealth Creators and fast track your success through personalized action planning, on-demand BrainTrusts, and curated connections for collaboration. We invite you to get to know us and our philosophy, vision, and methodology  better—through our narratives of pioneers and insights into business family and individual Wealth Creation. Look out for our webinars, insights, and dialogues that we share with the Community of Wealth Creators. They will be shared first by email through our biweekly briefs and other special invitations. Sign up below for a Taste of the Centerprising Hub.