Fast Track Your Wealth Creation

The Centerprising Hub


Welcome! We are so happy that you are investing time in yourself and your family. The Centerprising Hub is here to help you “Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good. And Have a Great Story to Tell,” as a Millennial would say. And “keep the family together,” as the Family Elder would add. The four areas of the Hub are designed to provide you with a complete solution to make this happen:

  • Wealth Creation Journeys that guide your Wealth Creation action plans or family enterprise designs
  • Resource Library that expands your horizon on Wealth Creation
  • Expert Connect that ups your game with world class experts + coaches
  • Curated Events + Forum where you can build your On-Demand BrainTrusts with a trusted and expanding network of peers + experts

Let’s fast track wealth creation together!

Wealth Creation Journeys

Embark on a Journey to create your Wealth Creation plan or re-engineer your family enterprise to support your innovators. Journeys are designed for all generations within the family.

Resource library

Broaden your horizon by engaging with our curated Centerprising + other content. Materials include books, articles, podcasts, and videos with insights and cases along key pillars of wealth creation and disruptions.

Expert connect

Up your game with subject area experts and seasoned coaches by connecting with Centerprising’s curated network of world-class talent in key pillars of family wealth creation.

Curated Events + Forum

We hold intimate online dialogues and socials to help you create your On-Demand BrainTrusts. Deploy them to tackle your hardest wealth creation problems.