Centerprising COV19 Response

Special Note

from our Founder


Dear Friends:

Our thoughts are with you, your family, and your community during this time of unprecedented crisis. Centerprising was founded on the mission to enable family enterprises navigate technological, environmental, and other disruptions in order to fast track and sustain wealth creation. This global pandemic highlights how much more
urgent our work feels right now.

Our philosophy has always been that wealth is not simply financial. It includes social, philanthropic, human, and intellectual capitals. Now more than ever, we want to enable family enterprises to create compelling businesses that address social and economic needs. Additionally, be active participants in the local and global community as problem solvers.

We have prepared a set of resources to help you navigate this unprecedented event. At Centerprising, we believe the future is in the hands of those willing to deploy innovation and technology with greater humanity. We look forward to joining with you and other business families on this journey, so that we win the future TOGETHER.

We can be reached via email or by text at or +1-617-903-8328.

With kind regards,

Florence + the Centerprising Team

Special Resources


Small Group Dialogues

We convene small groups of family enterprise members across multiple time zones to discuss issues and share experiences ranging from the short, medium, and long term impacts of the COV-19 global pandemic. Email us at if you would like to join.


Webinars on Navigating the Pandemic and Special Edition Briefs

We hold webinars on key topics related to navigating the pandemic. Recordings of the webinars can be found in the Insights, Webinars, and Briefs section of our website. We email out Biweekly Briefs that curate articles and other resources relevant to the pandemic from perspectives of wealth creation, emerging tech, and health+wellness. You can sign up for invitations to our webinars and for email distributions of our briefs by clicking on the Taste of Centerprising button.


Journey on Navigating the Pandemic

We have created a special six-week journey on navigating the pandemic that helps business families think through how to chart a path with agility under great uncertainty, how to exercise leadership effectively during crisis, how to capture opportunities that arise from these unprecedented times, and how to imagine + prepare for the New Normal coming out of the pandemic. Please visit the Featured Journeys section of the Centerprising Hub Intro page to learn more about this journey and register.